Friday, May 20, 2011

Wow! It's been a while!

I was just reading my friend's blog "Friday Friends" about our recent birding trip and realized that I have not posted in forever. I did not take many pictures during our trip because there were two friends with much larger cameras than mine and so I deferred to them.

This is the view of Carson Lakes from one of the towers - part of our bird tours. So, so pretty and with all the water we got to see some pretty cool birds. (Look at Friday Friends for pictures of the birds!)

I was talking to may daughter the other day on our way to school and we passed my beading friend Courtney, then we passed my birding friend Mitzi and I told Nik: "To make this day complete, I need to see my book friend, Debbie." I did indeed see Debbie later that night and was delighted to realize that all my favorite things start with the letter B. Birds, Beads, Book and lots of friends to share them with! Of course, now Debbie is also a bird nerd and Mitzi is part of our book club, so there is some over-lapping. I received my copy of "The Big Year" and as soon as I have it read, it will start making the rounds to Debbie and Mitzi. I learned about the Big Year watching Steve Martin on the Ellen show. The movies sounds like it will be a hoot!!

Here are the beads we made in Elko in April that are still residing in Elko at the GBC Art Show. My little purple cat cracks me up!

Here is my other animal - I will leave it up to you to decide what he looks like.
And a few others - the big blue one on the left is a hollow heart.